Top Rug Cleaning Tips by an Expert in Abu Dhabi

Top Rug Cleaning Tips by an Expert in Abu Dhabi

Especially if this is your first time cleaning your area rug, it can be a daunting task. However, rugs should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust mites and microbes from gathering in them and causing diseases. It is a fact that a dirty area rug can worsen asthma and cause bronchitis and several respiratory problems. As a result, we’ve provided you with the top rug cleaning tips by an expert in Abu Dhabi. You must ensure your rugs are cleaned fast, safely, and affordably.

Working with an iron to remove stains

Your freshly-organized closet will look even better once you starch the collars of your laundered button-down shirts. Some stains can actually be removed with careful use.

Ensure there are no particles left on the carpets by first vacuuming them. Use a towel dampened with vinegar and water (tap water is fine) to wipe away any spots or stains.

Using the iron, heat the towel over the stain. You should see the stain lifting as you move the iron over the towel. The ironing should be stopped as soon as the stain is completely removed.

Make your own rug freshener by mixing baking soda with essential oils

rug freshener

When you walk into your living room or bedroom, would you like your carpet to smell like a field of daisies? Using either lavender or wild orange essential oils, mix about 10-20 drops into a 16-ounce box of baking soda to make your own deodorizer. Ensure that the oils are completely absorbed before storing them in a glass container. It works by shaking some perfumed baking soda on your rug, waiting five minutes and vacuuming it up.

A homemade Rugs cleaner that deep cleans

Dust mites and allergens can be gotten rid of by deep cleaning your rugs. In actuality, you can make your own deep green cleaner using a deep green cleaner and a rug-cleaning extractor. You will need three tablespoons of dish soap, two tablespoons of dish conditioner, five drops of essential oils, two tablespoons of fabric softener and one gallon of hot water (not boiling) to make a non-toxic machine cleaner.

Make this the preferred rug cleaning in abu dhabi solution over expensive, chemical-filled store brands.

Clean Shag rugs correctly

Having a shag rug in your home will require that you know how to clean it since it has come back into style. The shag can become frizzy or caught in the machines when vacuuming with too much suction. Using your vacuum’s hose attachment, you can de-shag your rug if it seems to be “shedding” frequently. The process may take longer, but you will be able to get deep into the rug’s fibers without harming its strength or appearance.

Different types of rugs to clean

There are several ways in which rugs differ. In addition to low-loop rugs (such as Berber), there are also plush and shaggy rugs. There are a variety of materials to select from, such as 100 percent wool and synthetic fibers. Our first step is to look at looped rugs with low piles. Although they can be great for high-traffic areas, plush rugs are more prone to stains. When you clean low-pile/looped rugs, you need patience; elbow grease is necessary.

The rug you love can be brought back to life with patience and a little bit of time. As an added bonus, this helps you extend the lifespan of your current flooring a little longer if you are saving money for a new rug. This means more money in your pocket as well as a fresh, clean home in time for spring.

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