Major Tips for Washing Colored Clothes

Tips for washing colored clothes

Washing clothes is one essential chore that everyone has to include in their regular household work. However, washing coloured clothes takes a whole new level of finesse because there is always a chance for the colours to fade. As important it is to wash your clothes almost regularly for hygiene purposes it is equally important to apply the right technique.

Here are some Major Tips for Washing Colored Clothes

  • Temperature– The temperature is an important factor. The water in which it is washed should be extremely hot as this can harm the fabric and turn it coarse. Always wash clothes in warm water or water that has a balanced temperature that is neither too cold, nor extremely hot.
  • Delicate light colours– Colours like white are very delicate. It is always better to wash the white clothes separately for the very obvious reason of staining. A lot of time washing whites with other colours can leave a mark on your white that’s been realized from other dark coloured clothes.
  • Coldwater– one pro tip is that it is good to wash the coloured clothes in slightly cold water. This will not only help in cleaning the clothes but also the colours don’t fade away easily.
  • Using external agents– Many a time we do use detergents or fabric softener. It is advisable to use them in very few quantities. Also, as an effective home remedy, adding vinegar to your clothes can help you rinse the clothes better and make them softer.
  • Softer handling of clothes– For coloured clothes to retain their colour for long and not fade it is important to be gentle with them.
  • Turn your coloured clothes– While washing your clothes, it is a good practice to turn your attire and then wash. This is effective because this prevents the wear and tear of the front surface and helps the fabric colour to retain its actual glow.
  • Exposure to sunlight– also too much sun exposure can harm the fabric. The best practice is to not expose coloured clothes to the extreme sun for drying. The more one can prevent wear and tear of the fabric the clothes should be in their original colour for long.

One pro tip– if you are using the washing machine, do not give all your clothes at one go. The right way of washing coloured clothes is to give the clothes in small amounts. Following these major tips for washing colored clothes

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