Essentials Factors to Choose Dry Cleaning Services

We all want that professional clean off the shelf look for our clothes. The best go to option can be dry cleaning. Professional dry-cleaning, however, offers many benefits. Persistent tints are readily cleared via the dry cleaning method, and clothing returns with a crispy, new look that is difficult to achieve at home. The method of dry cleaning is a much more efficient and quicker manner of cleaning our clothes. It uses specific chemicals to clean your clothes instead of using customary soap and water. Dry cleaners also offer a range of services like clothing restoration and alterations. Anyone who appreciates the comfort and the look of brand new clothing can help from an experienced cleaning service.

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Today, there are a lot of dry cleaning companies that you can pick from.

  1. Some of the companies will offer delivery services or you can choose to go and pick up your laundry after the decided time.
  2. Technology has changed the face of many things and the same is the case with laundry services. You can now easily book the services online or better still; the services are only a call away. This makes it easy for the professionals to handle your cleaning on time hence you never have to worry even when running a huge enterprise that needs cleaning services. Therefore select a company that has a thriving online presence so that you can book such services.
  3. The laundry services can vary from one organization or company to another. To get the one that satisfies your requirements, you will have to reach what the select companies have to present so that by the end of the day you will accomplish nothing short of what you desire with all the attire that you have. Depend on the professionals for the best delivery of services.
  4. The benefit of promptness: a good dry-cleaning firm will work to provide the required services on time. However, this should not affect the quality of the services. . All this will of course be about the amount of work it receives. Select a company you are sure will consistently be on time with your laundry to keep disappointments as a result of unforeseen delays at bay.

With you can get the best professional dry cleaning experience. The chemical with which they work is of premium quality. This company is one of the most renowned dry cleaning service providers in Abu Dhabi. They provide satisfaction to the core and make sure that your clothes get a squeaky clean out of the shelf look. This company provide free pick up of your clothes. They handle your clothes with utmost care and provide the best dry cleaning solution that there is. Removing tough stains are no more a hassle with Bright shine at your service.

So what is the wait all about? Just log into their website and book your slot. Avail the best dry cleaning service in Abu Dhabi.

Major Tips for Washing Colored Clothes

Washing clothes is one essential chore that everyone has to include in their regular household work. However, washing coloured clothes takes a whole new level of finesse because there is always a chance for the colours to fade. As important it is to wash your clothes almost regularly for hygiene purposes it is equally important to apply the right technique.

Here are some Major Tips for Washing Colored Clothes

  • Temperature– The temperature is an important factor. The water in which it is washed should be extremely hot as this can harm the fabric and turn it coarse. Always wash clothes in warm water or water that has a balanced temperature that is neither too cold, nor extremely hot.
  • Delicate light colours– Colours like white are very delicate. It is always better to wash the white clothes separately for the very obvious reason of staining. A lot of time washing whites with other colours can leave a mark on your white that’s been realized from other dark coloured clothes.
  • Coldwater– one pro tip is that it is good to wash the coloured clothes in slightly cold water. This will not only help in cleaning the clothes but also the colours don’t fade away easily.
  • Using external agents– Many a time we do use detergents or fabric softener. It is advisable to use them in very few quantities. Also, as an effective home remedy, adding vinegar to your clothes can help you rinse the clothes better and make them softer.
  • Softer handling of clothes– For coloured clothes to retain their colour for long and not fade it is important to be gentle with them.
  • Turn your coloured clothes– While washing your clothes, it is a good practice to turn your attire and then wash. This is effective because this prevents the wear and tear of the front surface and helps the fabric colour to retain its actual glow.
  • Exposure to sunlight– also too much sun exposure can harm the fabric. The best practice is to not expose coloured clothes to the extreme sun for drying. The more one can prevent wear and tear of the fabric the clothes should be in their original colour for long.

One pro tip– if you are using the washing machine, do not give all your clothes at one go. The right way of washing coloured clothes is to give the clothes in small amounts. Following these major tips for washing colored clothes

Your one-stop washing solution-

This Abu Dhabi-based company is equipped with all the best washing tools. From the perfect chemicals to fabric-sensitive soaps, they are professional in these fields. From dry cleaning service to steam pressing to ironing, they provide all kinds of services. The best part about this company is that they also provide free pick-up and delivery of your clothes. So the next time you have a lot of clothes at hand and you want them to clean the best possible way, you know where to go!

carpets & Curtains

Carpet and curtain cleaning with the best possible way to remove the stains, dirt and allergies using the high quality equipment and chemical.

Carpets and curtains might not be the first thing that would come to one’s mind when it comes to house cleaning. This is also one of the reasons why bacteria and germs can easily deposit on it, making it a health hazard. It is crucial that one regularly cleans their carpets and curtains, and this is where Bright & Shine Laundry comes in handy.

Bright & Shine Laundry is the leading carpets and curtains cleaning service provider in Abu Dhabi, providing excellent services at highly affordable prices. And on top of that, we also offer pickup and drop-off services, ensuring that our customers receive a completely hassle-free process. We understand how challenging it could be to clean carpet and curtains. Thus, we provide quick solutions for carpet and curtain cleaning.
So, what are you waiting for? If you need your carpets and curtains clean, Bright & Shine Laundry is the place for you to be.

Curtain and Carpet Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

The Carpets upon regular use could collect allergens, particles of dust and bacteria. These can cause you and your family allergies and respiratory issues like asthma. The Carpet Cleaning in Abu Dhabi will take care of the carpet. The professionals will clean the carpet in a way no one would be able to.

Carpet cleaning in Khalifa city as is done with the help of professionals will keep the carpets clean. The professionals will help get rid of dirt and dust that is accumulated in the fibre of the carpet. If you engage the professionals then you will not require removing the whole carpet. You can get a beautiful looking carpet by engaging an expert to clean the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaners will get rid of the dirt and dust built up in your carpet’s fibres, which is why it looks rough and old. You don’t need to remove the whole carpet to have a beautiful-looking carpet.

Having an expert clean your rug will also make it feel soft and comfortable.

We are professional cleaners. We help in carpet cleaning and Khalifa City Curtain Cleaning. We also engage in Curtain Cleaning in Abu Dhabi.

If you are looking for professionals then we are the ones to rely upon.

Stream Pressing

Steam pressing more pressure is created in order to enter the steam in the fabric to large extent I help in attaining the perfection at the professional level. Steam pressing Known for producing the essence as well as smooth sound of the clothe makes it very soothing process the results in extra ordinary steps at the end especially for woolen clothes and abaya shila and etc.

Bright & Shine Laundry can help you achieve the finest steam-pressed solution in Abu Dhabi at highly affordable pricing. Our experts make use of the premium steam presses and garment steamers that will ensure that your clothes get the finest solution. Our professionals ensure that you get a reliable, on-time, and affordable steam pressing service in the region.

For us at Bright & Shine Laundry, customer satisfaction is a matter of utmost importance. We not only ensure that you get the finest steam pressing solution for your needs, but we also ensure that the process is completely hassle-free for you as well. This is why we offer a pickup and drop-off service to our customers in Abu Dhabi.

So, sit relaxed and give us a call! Get steam pressing solutions today in Abu Dhabi with Bright & Shine Laundry. After all, providing highly satisfying services is the only objective we have.

Dry Cleaning

We have the professional dry cleaner and the best equipment for dry with the high quality chemical for cleaning your delicate fabrics which needs special care.

Are you looking for dry cleaning services in Abu Dhabi? Well, then you put your search to rest as Bright & Shine Laundry is without a doubt the best place in Abu Dhabi for one to avail dry cleaning services at highly affordable pricing. Bright & Shine Laundry is the leading dry cleaning service provider in the region, offering pickup and drop-off services to customers.

Providing customers with highly satisfactory solutions is a matter of utmost importance for us at Bright & Shine Laundry. That is why we only make use of the finest dry cleaning equipment and high-quality chemicals to dry clean your delicate fabrics, especially those that need special care.

So, don’t just wait! Reach out to us today for the finest dry cleaning solutions in Abu Dhabi. We make sure you meet your dry cleaning needs with the utmost ease here.


Well experience and professional team for ironing steam and hand pressing some clothes need special care which can be done by hand pressing only.

Looking to get your clothes pressed in Abu Dhabi? If that is the case, then you could not have landed at a better site to fulfill your needs than Bright & Shine Laundry. Bright & Shine Laundry is the leading laundry service provider in the Abu Dhabi region, providing highly satisfactory services to our customers at affordable pricing.

And now, we have made the process extremely easy with pickup and drop-off services added in the mix. Yes, you guessed it right. At Bright & Shine Laundry, we not only offer the finest ironing services to our customers, but we also pick up the clothes from their location and drop them off at their desired destination efficiently.

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We have the best equipment , We are using highly sensitive and rich quality soap and chemical with our experienced and well trained staff knows how to take care of your clothes .

Bright & Shine Laundry is the place for you to be if you are looking to get your clothes washed in Abu Dhabi. Washing clothes is not an easy task, especially for dark strains that are difficult for one to remove. Regardless of how often you wash the materials, the dark strains are here to stay, or are they? With the expert washing service from Bright & Shine Laundry, you can rest assured that your clothes will be as good as new. And the best part about our laundry service is that you do not need to drop your clothes off at us. Yes, you read that right. We will not only drop off your washed clothes at your home but also pick them up as well.

At Bright & Shine Laundry, we make use of highly rich and sensitive soap and chemicals to provide you with the finest solutions.