All That You Need to Know About Dry Cleaning

dry cleaning

Introduction: dry cleaning is the application/use of specialised cleaning chemical solvents instead of water and detergents to clean fabrics. Though the term ‘dry’ is there, the soaking of clothing in specialised cleaners takes place/happens. With the best dry cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, there is access to professional cleaning of clothes & fabrics. However, what does dry cleaning entail in detail? What is the process & the factors that determine good dry cleaning? Let’s discover more below.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is soaking clothes with little to no water solvent cleaner that removes the dirt on clothing. Unlike the term dry’, dry cleaning uses or applies the use of chemical cleaning solvents sprayed or soaked in the fabric.

The dry cleaning chemical cleaners or solvents applied to clothing vary like benzene, turpentine spirits, white gasoline, camphor oil, and other chemical solvents that aren’t hazardous to fabrics or human skins.

What is the Process of Dr Cleaning & Its Stages?

Fabrics or clothing colours & textures differ. That’s why there is a technical process for specialised dry cleaning services that include:

  1. Inspection & Identification

All fabrics & clothing have different qualities that undergo evaluation at collection counters. They have to ensure the submitted clothes are worthy of the dry-cleaning process without any adverse effects or damage to the clothes.

  1. Spotting & Stain Removal

The stains of different magnitudes & colours have to be dealt with first before the dry cleaning starts. That ensures the removal of the dirt from sweat & other displeasing odours from the fabrics is possible.

  1. Sorting & Separation

When the removal of stains is over, the sorting of colours & fabrics follows as all fabric react differently to the chemical solvent substances. Besides, fabric fibre construction is different. It is best to dry clean clothing according to natural or pre-set manufacturing standards.

  1. DryCleaning Process

The spraying and soaking of clothing in chemical solvents wash and remove all odours & dirt from deep within the fibres. It restores the damp clothing to a pleasant wearable condition.

  1. Drying

The drycleaned clothing undergoes drying from a heat-generated dryer that makes them free from the last drips of the dry cleaning substances.

  1. Ironing & Packing

Ironing clothes

After the drying, the clean clothes are pressed and packed to preserve their cleanliness & freshness. All the drycleaned clothes undergo ironing & seal-packing with owner tags for easier identification at the time of collection.

  1. Inspection & Record

The final inspection ensures all clothes are ready for customer pick-ups or delivery without any issues or poor customer service.

  1. Customer Pick-Up & Delivery 

The drycleaned clothes are ready for customer pick-up or delivery as agreed on in the services request.

Factors that are Critical in Good Dry Cleaning

  1. Experience of the Service Providers
  2. Diversity of Services on Offer
  3. Customer Care Sevices
  4. Competitive Pricing
  5. Chemical Solvents Applied/Used in DryCleaning Process


Good dry cleaning services are neither chemical-centred nor underuse. They are professional services that rely on experience to deliver the top results. You can access the best laundry services in Abu Dhabi at and enjoy premium dry cleaning at the best competitive pricing and convenience.